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singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer


Day 247: Strength (Core, Gym and Plyometrics)

singapore personal trainer

Disclaimer: By doing my workouts and blogging it online here, I’m not seeking attention, nor am I an exhibitionist. I’m the type that follow-through my training much better if I put it in writing. I workout because I can, and I love doing so. Do not try to emulate my training program, I bear no responsibility if you do so. I’m no role-model, not your papa, mama, your soulmate, or someone you can look-up to, nor am I’m a national athlete … I am just a NOBODY. So just leave me be.

Today I woke up rather well. It’s the first time in weeks that I felt ‘normal’ for both my legs. No strain or that aching feeling. Well only soreness on my sole, but apart from that, I was a happy man today.

Well the weather here have been having a yo-yo effect. I left in the morning, bright and sunny, but as soon as I reached the gym, the sky turned for the worse and it was a downpour.

Woodlands ClubFITT Gym and Woodlands Stadium – View Larger Map

Luckily I arrived in time, if not I would be wetter than usual upon arrival. However I won’t be drenched as I always bring an umbrella around. Yup you heard me right. Pffttt I don’t think it’s sissy or girlishly to lug around an umbrella, I think it’s a wise decision considering we have frequent showers here.

Well anyway back to the gym training. I moved the workout from Monday to Tuesday as the nearby stadium was closed from 7am to 6pm today. With that I changed supposed today’s speed workout to yesterday when the stadium was opened, and did gym today instead.


Phase: NA
Phase Week: NA
Week Cycle: 2 of 4 (Medium)

Workout of the Day

Weight: 67.0kg (before gym) and 67.3kg (after gym)
Today’s gym total load: 2046.45kg
Supplemental sprints distance covered: Skipped, raining

1) Some Foam Roller

2) Dynamic Warmup

3) Core [A]
Bridge – 1 minute for front, sides and back
Bridge dip – 10x
Bridged leg lift – 10x
Abductor raise – 10x
Scissors kick – 10x
Hip bridge – 10x
Quadruped – 10x
Hip extension – 10x
Kickbacks – 10x
BOSU – 3×10

4) Weights [A] 3×8 80%
Bench Press (Olympic) – 60kg all sets
Half Squat (Olympic) – 115kg 120kg 125kg
Split Squat (Olympic) – 75kg 80kg 85kg 3×16
Tricep Press (Dumbell) – 7kg all sets
Clean (Machine) – 55kg all sets
Lat Pulldown (Machine) – 100lbs 120lbs 140lbs
Calf Raise (Machine) – 200lbs all sets
Pullup then Pushup (Machine) – 5×5
Abs front (Weights) – 6x10x20kg
Abs back (Weights) – 3x20x15kg
Hack Squat (Machine) – 180kg all sets

5) Plyometrics
Skipped, raining

6) Supplemental Sprints
Skipped, raining

7) Active Recovery

8) Foam Roller/Stretching/Massage

The gym was rather packed when I arrived. Oh well, it’s sharing time when using the stations. I’m alright with that, as long the gym user don’t hog the stations and equipments.

I increased some of the weights load for today. For example for half-squat, it’s been awhile since I squat 125kg. That weight used to be my warming up load, now it’s one of my heavier effort, haha.

After finishing gym, I was supposed to do my conversion outdoors. Considering it was still raining, that means the grass will be muddy and icky. Plus it would be too slippery for workouts such as box jump, and deemed dangerous in my opinion.

I would rather be safe than sorry, so I skipped the conversion. I don’t want to add more injuries. Well it’s recovery time now. Gonna have my nap.

singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer


Hi there, my name is Sha. I'm a 30 year old nobody and you are reading my personal fitness blog. It is meant to be my honest struggle to pursue a healthy lifestyle. I'm also a qualified Singapore Personal Trainer, contact me if you want to hire me.

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singapore personal trainer


singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer

singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
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