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singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer


Day 227: Tempo Endurance (100m and 200m)

singapore personal trainer

Disclaimer: By doing my workouts and blogging it online here, I’m not seeking attention, nor am I an exhibitionist. I’m the type that follow-through my training much better if I put it in writing. I workout because I can, and I love doing so. Do not try to emulate my training program, I bear no responsibility if you do so. I’m no role-model, not your papa, mama, your soulmate, or someone you can look-up to, nor am I’m a national athlete … I am just a NOBODY. So just leave me be.

Hi again, well when I got down to the training location earlier today at Woodlands Stadium, as expected the public holiday joggers was nowhere to be found. The last of the public holiday day ended yesterday, and its back to work for most.

I was the only ‘crazy’ one training at the stadium. Oh well that’s dedication and consistency for ya. I just love it when there’s no one around, as I’m more focused and relaxed.

Woodlands Stadium – View Larger Map

Today’s training is tempo endurance. For me personally I believe in doing tempo workouts with distances never going beyond 400m if you want to be a sprinter.

Always, always and always emphasize on fast relaxed fluid running, learning to get your pace right. Tempo training is all about quantity, not quality. Unfortunately today my tempo workout outcome wasn’t that encouraging.


Phase: NA
Phase Week: NA
Week Cycle: 1 of 4 (Easy)

Workout of the Day

1) Dynamic Warmup

2) Some Speed Drills

3) Hip Flexor
Using resistance band
3x of 15 seconds
Front Hip Flexor

4) Tempo Workout
Using trainers
100m + 100m + 100m
100m + 200m + 100m + 100m (stopped awhile after 200m as it rained)
100m + 200m + 200m + 200m (it should be 100m after the first 100m, my note writing need to improve)
100m + 200m + 100m + 100m
100m + 100m + 100m (skipped as I did the below when it rained)
8 seconds run, recovery walk back
+ means recovery walking back 50m
Each set recovery walk 100m back

5) Some Sprints
5x20m flying start

6) Conditioning
4types x 20reps of abs/core
Total reps 120
Double reps for some types

7) Active Recovery

8) Stretching/Massage

Before the start of the tempo run, I have in mind two timings to achieve, which is around 15 seconds for the 100m and 30 seconds for the 200m.

Well for one it’s good I hit most of the timing below the target time, only two runs spoiled the average, which was the first 100m at 17 seconds, and a 200m at 31 seconds.

And the bad thing about today’s run, my timing was ‘all over the shop’ meaning for example my 100m, it ranges from 13 to 15 seconds. I need to be more consistent and learn to pace well.

I guess the rain didn’t help, and doing this tempo workout for the first time got me a little unprepared.

Well I do hope to be doing much better on similar training, perhaps in another two weeks. Always vary your tempo, it’s better so as you don’t get too stagnant and bored.

singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer


Hi there, my name is Sha. I'm a 30 year old nobody and you are reading my personal fitness blog. It is meant to be my honest struggle to pursue a healthy lifestyle. I'm also a qualified Singapore Personal Trainer, contact me if you want to hire me.

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singapore personal trainer


singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer

singapore personal trainer
singapore personal trainer
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